Sinchon is Seoul’s Student District

Statue of a man on a large stone plinth with an ivy-clad brick building behind. the building has a large central tower with two flags on the top. Surrounded by manicured gardens and neat low hedges.

Just a short walk from my first apartment in Seoul is the popular neighborhood of Sinchon (신촌). The name means “new village,” and yet it’s actually one of Seoul’s older areas. But if you ask most people what comes to mind when they hear Sinchon, they’ll invariably say young people. Located around three prominent universities – …

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Deoksugung Palace of Virtue in Seoul

A sepia image of the Korean royal family with Emperor Gojong in the center. Five people sitting in a row, traditionally dressed in long gowns.

In the years before Japan’s colonization of Korea, the Deoksugung palace of virtue in Seoul was the site of fascinating political intrigue and tragedy.

Climbing Dobongsan Mountain

Dobongsan mountain covered in snow in the background and an ornate building in front.

Climbing Dobongsan mountain in northern Seoul’s gorgeous Bukhansan National Park is something every visitor to Korea should do.

The Lock Museum in Seoul

A collection of rectangular shaped padlocks, from the Lock museum in Seoul. Showing different designs in bronze.

The Lock Museum in Seoul is an aesthetically beautiful six-story building dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of handmade metal work.