“Around the Block” Bicycle Tour

Yellow background printed with black and red Korean lettering and a woman on a bike in the center.

Jin’s “Around the Block” bicycle tour of Korea begins with a windy journey from Seoul to Suwon, then south from Suwon to Cheonan and the Onyang Hot Springs.

The Saseongam Four Sages Hermitage

Two dolls, both dressed in blue outfits, one standing, one kneeling, holding up a sign with Korean lettering, on a dark, soft focus background.

The Saseongam Four Sages Hermitage is a small Buddhist temple set dramatically into a wall of exposed granite on Korea’s sacred Jirisan mountain.

Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival in Seoul

A close up image of spring cherry blossom on Yeouido Island, in the background is a street with cars in soft focus.

The Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival celebrates Seoul’s most spectacular collection of king cherry trees, which erupt into ephemeral clouds of pink for a few short days each spring.