Yongsan’s Foreign Footprints

On the left of the frame is a magazine cover "Seoul" with a woman playing a guitar sitting on a fence amongst vegetation. To the right is a Korean dish, deep fried udong, in a broth with green vegetables, on a wooden surface with condiments in the background.

South of Namsan are some of Seoul’s most multicultural neighborhoods like Ichon-dong and Haebangchon – areas that bear Yongsan’s foreign footprints.

Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival

Ladies dressed in long pink robes, and men in long green robes, with elaborate hats, carrying fans gather at the Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival.

The Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival is among the year’s biggest events, when thousands of Seoulites come together to celebrate the birth of the Buddha.

Seoul Folk Flea Market

A close up of two Korean statues, ladies with their hair in a bun, wearing blue kimonos, embroidered with red flowers and green leaves, standing with their hands out, palms facing upward. Behind are various statues and vases at the Seoul Folk Flea Market.

This Seoul Folk Flea Market sells everything under the sun, from Joseon-era pottery to a real tiger pelt. It’s a great place to get one-of-a-kind gifts.