The Seoul of Design

A bus stop made out of a curved metal railing with stone walkways either side, with trees in the background.

You’re forgiven if the word “design” doesn’t come to mind when observing Seoul’s urban grit. Seoul’s mayor is hoping to change that.

The Korea Queer Culture Festival

A man in a light blue t shirt carrying a rainbow flag over his shoulder, walking through a crowd of people.

Despite Korea’s conservative culture, the annual Korea Queer Culture Festival in Seoul is one of Asia’s longest-running gay and lesbian pride events.

Seoul Bongwonsa Buddhist Temple

Three women in long, white robes with pagoda-shaped hats holding orange, green, yellow and pink flowers at the Bongwosa Buddhist temple, taking part in Yeongsanjae ceremony.

Seoul Bongwonsa Buddhist Temple was founded in 889 by the great Doseon. The west Seoul temple is famous for its UNESCO-recognized Yeongsanjae ceremony.

Seoul Pet Cafes in Hongdae

A young Korean man in a blue baseball cap, wearing glasses, cuddles a small white and tan dog at Hongdae's pet cafe.

Seoul Pet Cafes in Hongdae have become a popular destination for animal lovers who may not have the space to have a furry friend of their own.

A Hangang River Cruise Through Seoul

Hangang River with a boat in the foreground and cityscape in the background, with a blue sky and wispy clouds.

A Hangang river cruise through Seoul is a great way to view the city as you pass beneath a dozen or more bridges and past the dramatic Yeouido skyline.