Seoul Jungang Traditional Market

A food vendor's stall at Jungang Traditional Market in Seoul, various vegetables and meat produce in plastic bowls, with a glass cabinet and red Korean writing. A woman in the foreground inspects the wares.

Seoul Jungang Traditional Market has hundreds of vendors who sell grains, housewares, meat and produce as well as yummy snacks from portable food stalls.

Yangsuri: Where Two Rivers Meet

Soft focus view of Yangsuri River with hazy cloud in the background and grass in the foreground.

Located in Gyeonggi Province, Seoulites know Yangsuri as a convenient and romantic getaway — the perfect place for a day-trip or weekend escape.

Haneul or Sky Park in Seoul

Two large sculptures of bugs in grass and wildflowers next to a stone sign with Korean lettering at the end of a footpath, with long grass in the background at Haneul park, Seoul.

Formerly a massive landfill, Haneul Sky World Cup Park in Seoul is now one of the city’s largest green spaces and a wonderful place for rest and recreation.