Seoul’s 12 Best Gay Bars in Jongno

The entrance to a bar with a sign on the right of the frame saying Bar Friends on stone, a metal door and slate wall, with a rainbow flag hanging from the eaves to the left of the frame.

My list of Seoul’s 12 best gay bars in Jongno, the city’s first gayborhood. Here you’ll find scores of tiny bars serving snacks and stiff drinks.

The Cheonggyecheon Museum in Seoul

External view of a brick building, partially wrapped in builder's plastic, with small wooden houses on stilts in front of it, at Cheonggyecheon, Seoul.

The Cheonggyecheon Museum in Seoul chronicles the remarkable transformation of a waterway from a polluted cesspool, to a highway, to urban stream reborn.

Namdaemun Traditional Market in Seoul

Street view of brightly colored shop fronts, with flags and merchandise outside, and pedestrians.

Namdaemun Traditional Market in Seoul is one of Korea’s oldest public markets and a vibrant place to witness Korea’s boisterous “jangteo” market culture.

Three Great Day Trips from Seoul

Three images side by side: from the left, a multicolored ornate dragon face painting, a blue and green ornate door, and a sign saying Seoul.

Despite everything that Seoul has to offer, sometimes you want something new. For those times, I offer these three great day trips from Seoul.

Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul

A Korean man, dressed in white, with a black hat, weaving reeds while sitting on the floor at Namsangol village, in the background are two tourists looking on.

At the base of Namsan Park is Namsangol Hanok Village, a beautiful setting that includes five traditional-style hanok homes, gardens and on-site artisans.

Unhyeongung Royal Villa in Seoul

Unhyeongung Royal Villa seen from the exterior with stone steps leading up to a white building with wooden posts and window frames. A dark roof, with a blue sky and clouds in sunshine.

The Unhyeongung Royal Villa in Seoul was built in 1864 for the 12-year-old King Gojong and is an excellent example of traditional Korean architecture.

Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple

Path leading between rows of flower containers, leading to the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple, a wooden building with dark roof, and turquoise shutters. To the right of the frame is a stone wall leading up to a park with trees and grass, with two skyscrapers in the background.

Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple is a beautiful temple that provides a serene and spiritual sanctuary amongst southern Seoul’s many skyscrapers.