Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple

Path leading between rows of flower containers, leading to the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple, a wooden building with dark roof, and turquoise shutters. To the right of the frame is a stone wall leading up to a park with trees and grass, with two skyscrapers in the background.

Seoul Bongeunsa Buddhist Temple is a beautiful temple that provides a serene and spiritual sanctuary amongst southern Seoul’s many skyscrapers.

Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market

Market stalls with rows and shelves full of fresh fish, at Noryangjin fisheries, a woman dressed in pink is drinking from a cup waiting at the stall.

There’s something fishy at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market, Korea’s largest fisheries market, which serves 30,000 daily customers and 40% of greater Seoul’s seafood.

Myeongdong Shopping District in Seoul

A shopping arcade in Myeongdong district, with pink neon lights, and neon stars on the ceiling. Images of young people on brightly lit screens, and pedestrians.

The Myeongdong Shopping District in Seoul boasts some of the world’s most expensive real estate, thanks to its reputation as Korea’s shopping Mecca.

Seoul Baekje Museum

Exhibit at Baekje Museum Seoul, of various life size figures, in traditional Korean dress, with hats, in dark room with spotlights.

Seoul Baekje Museum explores the early Korean civilization that first called the Seoul area its capital around the time of Christ’s birth.

Seoul Arts Center

The pale red brick building of the Seoul Arts Center, with a courtyard in front, some green trees and red and blue flags.

Seoul Arts Center is a huge complex dedicated to Korean arts and culture. Each year, the Center hosts more than 1,400 performances and 100 exhibitions.

War Memorial of Korea in Seoul

Looking upwards towards a skylight ceiling in the background, is a war airplane hanging from the ceiling, with flags to the right of the frame and an open parachute in the center.

The War Memorial of Korea in Seoul displays over 13,000 items related to Korea’s tumultuous history in six indoor and outdoor exhibition halls.

Seoul Marina and Sailing the Hangang

A line of boats moored at Seoul Marina, with a red brick walkway and grass on the river shores. In the background is the large glass marina building and soft focus cityscape against a blue sky.

Thanks to the construction of an impressive 4-story yachting center in 2012, today more Seoulites are visiting Seoul Marina and sailing the Hangang river.

Hongdae Furniture Street in Seoul

Tables and chairs in a room with slatted walls, a large plant in the center at Hongdae furniture street.

Hongdae Furniture Street in Seoul is perhaps the place to go in Korea’s capital for well-crafted and inexpensive custom-made furniture.