Northern Seoul’s Dream Forest

Looking up at the observatory in Seoul's Dream Forest, a long building in dark stone, going upwards to a glass area with panoramic views.

Northern Seoul’s Dream Forest was opened in 2009 on the grounds of a former amusement park. Blanketing two large hills it’s Seoul’s fourth largest park.

Yangjae Flower Market in Seoul

Close up of a cluster of pink and white orchids at Yangjae Flower Market in Seoul.

The Yangjae-dong Flower Market in Seoul is Korea’s largest flower market and a great place to find cheap plants and everything you need to care for them.

Culture Station Seoul 284

Exterior of the Culture Station, Seoul, a colonial brick and stone building with a green dome, pedestrians outside and a lamp post to the right of the frame, seen on a sunny day with a few wispy clouds.

The former Seoul Station was reopened in 2012 as Culture Station Seoul 284, a unique cultural venue designed for journeys past, present and future.

Seoul Dongmyo Shrine

External view of the Dongmyo Shrine in Seoul, showing green doors, with red pillars and multicolored ornate ceiling and eaves.

Seoul Dongmyo, or Seoul’s eastern shrine, was built in 1599 to honor Guan Yu, a 3rd century Chinese general whose spirit is said to have helped Korean soldiers repel Japanese invaders in the 16th century.

Remembering the Korean War

Two soldiers raise a white, blue, red and black flag with a soft focus dark background and a building to the right of the frame.

This year marks the 61st anniversary of the start of the Korean War, which took the lives of an estimated three million soldiers and civilians.

Cheondogyo Central Temple Seoul

Inside the Cheondogyo Temple, rows of seats facing an altar, lights hanging from the white ceiling, with sun shining through the curtains on the arched windows.

Cheondoism is one of Korea’s most significant 20th century religions. Located on the edge of Insa-dong is the Central Temple of Cheondogyo. Built of red brick and granite in 1921, it was considered among Seoul’s most beautiful buildings.