Seoul’s Best Bakeries

A pastry tart, cut into eight slices, each slice being different, as though made into a collage, on a white plate and a pink and white checked background.

Seoul’s best bakeries have borrowed the best recipes and techniques from Europe and America, without losing their distinctly Korean flavor.

Celebrating Seollal in Seoul

Traditional Korean dancers, in pink with black waistcoats perform a traditional Seollal dance outside a building.

Seollal, or the lunar New Year, is among the traditional Korean calendar’s most important holidays. Here are some of the events taking place in Seoul and elsewhere around Korea.

Nagan Fortress Folk Village in Korea

Entrance to Nagan Fortress Folk Village, a large stone wall, with flags in front of a traditional building of red wooden pillars, turquoise paintings and a dark roof. In front is a stone courtyard with small stone statues and a woman sweeping the ground.

Korea’s Nagan Fortress Folk Village is notable for the 1,400-meter-long wall that was built in the late 14th century to ward against foreign invasions.

Touring Korea’s DMZ

A Korean soldier stands against a blue wall, with a soft focus close up of another soldier's shoulder in the foreground.

DMZ tours are a popular way to explore the Demilitarized Zone, the heavily militarized border just one hour from Seoul that separates South and North Korea.