The Saseongam Four Sages Hermitage

Two dolls, both dressed in blue outfits, one standing, one kneeling, holding up a sign with Korean lettering, on a dark, soft focus background.

The Saseongam Four Sages Hermitage is a small Buddhist temple set dramatically into a wall of exposed granite on Korea’s sacred Jirisan mountain.

Nagan Fortress Folk Village in Korea

Entrance to Nagan Fortress Folk Village, a large stone wall, with flags in front of a traditional building of red wooden pillars, turquoise paintings and a dark roof. In front is a stone courtyard with small stone statues and a woman sweeping the ground.

Korea’s Nagan Fortress Folk Village is notable for the 1,400-meter-long wall that was built in the late 14th century to ward against foreign invasions.

Jeonju Hanok Village

View towards the cathedral at Jeonju, in the background the cathedral has three dome shaped spires and arched windows. In the foreground are the traditional dark tile curved roofs of the hanok houses.

The Jeonju Hanok Village in North Jeolla Province is a wonderful place to sample Korea’s traditional food, tea, paper-making and unique hanok architecture.

Geumsansa Gold Mountain Temple

Gold statues of Buddhist monks praying, at Geumsansa temple, with green, purple, red and gold paint effects on the walls and the ceiling.

The Geumsansa Gold Mountain Temple is among Korea’s finest Buddhist temples. It is best known for the magnificent three-story Maitreya Hall.