Remembering the Korean War

Two soldiers raise a white, blue, red and black flag with a soft focus dark background and a building to the right of the frame.

This year marks the 61st anniversary of the start of the Korean War, which took the lives of an estimated three million soldiers and civilians.

Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival

Ladies dressed in long pink robes, and men in long green robes, with elaborate hats, carrying fans gather at the Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival.

The Seoul Lotus Lantern Festival is among the year’s biggest events, when thousands of Seoulites come together to celebrate the birth of the Buddha.

Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival in Seoul

A close up image of spring cherry blossom on Yeouido Island, in the background is a street with cars in soft focus.

The Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival celebrates Seoul’s most spectacular collection of king cherry trees, which erupt into ephemeral clouds of pink for a few short days each spring.

Celebrating Seollal in Seoul

Traditional Korean dancers, in pink with black waistcoats perform a traditional Seollal dance outside a building.

Seollal, or the lunar New Year, is among the traditional Korean calendar’s most important holidays. Here are some of the events taking place in Seoul and elsewhere around Korea.

Celebrating Chuseok in Korea

Yellow, blue and red background with white text 'Korean Festivals' in the center of the frame.

Celebrating Chuseok in Korea is an annual affair where millions of Koreans return to their ancestral homelands. For the Seoul-bound, a list of activities!

Seoul Fringe Festival

A picture of a repeating image of a man advertising the Seoul Fringe Festival. Overlay of a bright purple color.

During Seoul’s hot summer weeks, a seasonal highlight is the always funky Seoul Fringe Festival, which takes place in the trendy Hongdae neighborhood.

The Korea Queer Culture Festival

A man in a light blue t shirt carrying a rainbow flag over his shoulder, walking through a crowd of people.

Despite Korea’s conservative culture, the annual Korea Queer Culture Festival in Seoul is one of Asia’s longest-running gay and lesbian pride events.