Remembering the Korean War

Two soldiers raise a white, blue, red and black flag with a soft focus dark background and a building to the right of the frame.

This year marks the 61st anniversary of the start of the Korean War, which took the lives of an estimated three million soldiers and civilians.

Cheondogyo Central Temple Seoul

Inside the Cheondogyo Temple, rows of seats facing an altar, lights hanging from the white ceiling, with sun shining through the curtains on the arched windows.

Cheondoism is one of Korea’s most significant 20th century religions. Located on the edge of Insa-dong is the Central Temple of Cheondogyo. Built of red brick and granite in 1921, it was considered among Seoul’s most beautiful buildings.

Seoul Digital Media City of the Future

An outside modern art exhibit made with connected bubble-like stainless balls. A group of Korean high school students gathers underneath.

The Digital Media City is a state-of-the-art media entertainment cluster envisioned as a way to expand Korea’s advanced IT, human resources and entertainment industries.

Gwangjang Traditional Market in Seoul

Started back in 1905, Gwangjang Market is Seoul’s oldest traditional daily marketplace. Stop by to visit some of the 5,000 vendors justly famous for their fine silks and delicious bindaetteok pancakes!

G20 Seoul Summit

Looking up at a tall glass skyscraper on the left of the frame, and on the right a circular glass building, with large signs announcing the G20 summit in Seoul.

The world’s heads of state and top business leaders have arrived in Seoul for the G20 Summit. Tasked with lifting the globe out of financial crisis.

The Best Noodle Shops in Seoul

Two metal bowls, one containing noodles in a red broth, and the other with noodles, seaweed and greens, on a wooden table.

Noodles go back thousands of years in Korea, where they symbolize longevity. Let’s celebrate culinary durability with two of my favorite Seoul noodle shops.

Cruising the Hangang on a Bicycle

A view down the bicycle path along the Hangang river in Seoul, Korea.

Cruising the Hangang on a Bicycle is the perfect way to explore the nine million square meters of riverside parks along Seoul’s most iconic symbol.

Where and When to See Autumn Color in Korea

A large stone house with light green roof nestled amongst trees with their yellow, red, and orange autumnal leaves.

Autumn in South Korea means it’s possible to find spectacular shows of colorful foliage all across the peninsula. Should you wish to seek them out, here are two charts to help the amateur leaf chaser!