Where and When to See Autumn Color in Korea

Perhaps you’re wondering, where and when to see autumn color in Korea?

A large stone house with light green roof nestled amongst trees with their yellow, red, and orange autumnal leaves.
Ewha University in western Seoul’s vibrant Sinchon neighborhood.

Well, earlier this week I had the pleasure of visiting Seoraksan mountain (설악산) on South Korea’s northeastern coast, and saw for myself the first colorful leaves of autumn changing, especially at the higher altitudes.

And thanks to David Hasenick’s blog (for the second year running), here are two “first color” and “peak color” maps for 2010 for those who hope to see some of Korea’s spectacular “danpoong” (단풍) for themselves.

Two side by side maps of Korea showing the areas to see autumnal colors.

(FYI: If you’re interested to know where the banner photo was taken, it’s of Ewha University in western Seoul’s Sinchon neighborhood. Definitely one of the best places to see fall color… and spring color, for that matter.)

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