Three Great Day Trips from Seoul

Three images side by side: from the left, a multicolored ornate dragon face painting, a blue and green ornate door, and a sign saying Seoul.

Despite everything that Seoul has to offer, sometimes you want something new. For those times, I offer these three great day trips from Seoul.

Remembering the Korean War

Two soldiers raise a white, blue, red and black flag with a soft focus dark background and a building to the right of the frame.

This year marks the 61st anniversary of the start of the Korean War, which took the lives of an estimated three million soldiers and civilians.

Seoul Digital Media City of the Future

An outside modern art exhibit made with connected bubble-like stainless balls. A group of Korean high school students gathers underneath.

The Digital Media City is a state-of-the-art media entertainment cluster envisioned as a way to expand Korea’s advanced IT, human resources and entertainment industries.

Gwangjang Traditional Market in Seoul

Started back in 1905, Gwangjang Market is Seoul’s oldest traditional daily marketplace. Stop by to visit some of the 5,000 vendors justly famous for their fine silks and delicious bindaetteok pancakes!

Where and When to See Autumn Color in Korea

Autumn in South Korea means it’s possible to find spectacular shows of colorful foliage all across the peninsula. Should you wish to seek them out, here are two charts to help the amateur leaf chaser!

“Around the Block” Bicycle Tour

Yellow background printed with black and red Korean lettering and a woman on a bike in the center.

Jin’s “Around the Block” bicycle tour of Korea begins with a windy journey from Seoul to Suwon, then south from Suwon to Cheonan and the Onyang Hot Springs.

Climbing Dobongsan Mountain

Dobongsan mountain covered in snow in the background and an ornate building in front.

Climbing Dobongsan mountain in northern Seoul’s gorgeous Bukhansan National Park is something every visitor to Korea should do.

Celebrating Seollal in Seoul

Traditional Korean dancers, in pink with black waistcoats perform a traditional Seollal dance outside a building.

Seollal, or the lunar New Year, is among the traditional Korean calendar’s most important holidays. Here are some of the events taking place in Seoul and elsewhere around Korea.