Korea Travel Expo 2009

Yellow, blue and red background with white text 'Korean Festivals' in the center of the frame.

The historically weak Korean won and global economic crisis has many Koreans looking at domestic travel destinations instead of holidays in Southeast Asia or the U.S. To meet their needs, this past weekend the Korea Travel Expo 2009 hosted its sixth annual event at the Atlantic Hall of the COEX center in southern Seoul. Nearly 500 …

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Taebaeksan Snow Festival Korea

A close up of a collection of paper windmills in various different colors on a half dark half light background in soft focus.

The Taebaeksan Snow Festival Korea is one of the country’s premier winter events. Located in snowy Gangwon Province, the festival features snow and ice sculptures.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

When UNESCO added the remarkable Suwon Hwaseong Fortress to its list in 1997, they cited its unique blend of eastern and western architectural styles.

Deoksugung Palace

Exterior view of Jeonghwangeon throne hall. An ornate building in red, orange and green stands on a stone platform. In place of windows is orange fretwork, and ornate carving in the eaves.

Deoksugung Palace was built in the 15th century and abandoned until the years immediately pre- and post Japanese annexation of Korea.

Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon Stream

Paving stones crossing the Cheonggyecheon stream with people walking and multicolored paper lanterns in the background.

Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon stream has become one of the city’s most popular icons, since the 6-kilometer waterway was restored and reintroduced to the public in 2005.

Visiting Korea’s Colorful Daegu

A close up of little bowls containing different seeds and powders in a shop in Daegu, Korea.

The southeastern city of Daegu in Korea is often left off travel itineraries. But this historic capital of North Gyeongsang Province has a lot of charm.

Jeonju Hanok Village

View towards the cathedral at Jeonju, in the background the cathedral has three dome shaped spires and arched windows. In the foreground are the traditional dark tile curved roofs of the hanok houses.

The Jeonju Hanok Village in North Jeolla Province is a wonderful place to sample Korea’s traditional food, tea, paper-making and unique hanok architecture.