Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm in Korea

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Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm in Korea

From Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장)


The Daegwallyeong Yangtte Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장) is one of those places I don’t expect to find in Korea. The nation is not known for its high quality wool sweaters, nor a love of mutton. But since 1988, some 200 sheep have roamed the gorgeous 200 square kilometers of hilly terrain in Gangwon Province’s Pyeongchang County.

Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch

Named for the nearby pass in the Taebaeksan mountains, the area is a popular spot in the winter, when it hosts a festival, and when its fields make for some pretty stunning scenery. Should you wish to avoid the snow, every March and April is when the sheep are sheared, which explains their full (and filthy) woolly coats when my friend and I visited in October.

From Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장)

Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm features about 1.2 kilometers of trails that wind around the property. Supposedly there’s no entrance fee… just a 3,000 won fee for a basket of hay to feed the sheep. It’s worth the price of admission. Aside from the K-Pop and occasional Celine Dion that belt from the path-side speakers, it’s a beautiful part of the country that’s done an unusually fine job of encouraging tourism without looking like a theme park. The landscape includes old oaks and an impressive number of wildflower species.

From Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm (대관령 양떼목장)

For the photo enthusiast, aside from the sheep, the Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm features two rustic gray shacks make for nice snapshots. For a close encounter with the resident beasts, there’s a building where you can hand feed the greedy sheeps. These ones were noticeably cleaner than the outdoor lot. Finally, if you’re the kind of person who wants to eat a sheep meat kebab to conclude your visit, you can do so at the trail head snack stand..


For your information…

 ………………………………. ………………………………. ……………………………….
09:00-17:00 (until 18:00 May-Aug)Admission: W5,000 (Adults); W3,500 (Children)033-335-1966
 ……………………………… ……………………………… ………………………………
Gangwon Province Pyeongchang-gun Daegwallyeong-myeon Hoenggye-ri 14-104From Dong Seoul Terminal (Gangbyeon Station on Line 2) take a bus bound for Gangwon Heungeop or Donghae to Hoenggye. The ride is 2.5 hours and costs W13,800 for adults. Once in Hoenggye, take a taxi for 15 min. to the Maeul Hyugaeso/Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm Parking Lot. website
 ……………………………… ……………………………… ………………………………


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2 December 2010 16:59

Weekly Snapshots | 12.2.10 « Hermit Hideaways

[…] of the D7000. More than happy to hold out for the D800. ♦ Matt of Discovering Korea heads out Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch. ♦ Very good shot indeed, Mr Bond. Beautiful work. ♦ One more reason why the GF1 impresses me. […]

3 December 2010 11:12


Hi Matt,
Just found your site and I’m loving it! I’m planning on coming to Korea in February and already I’ve added several of the places you’ve featured to my places to visit list.

Keep up the good work.


19 April 2011 15:31


Hi there!

Your site is a wonderful resource for traveling and truly experiencing Korea. Thank YOU for all the great ideas! Do you know if there are any other places to eat lamb meat near the Daewallyeong Sheep Ranch? Perhaps a nearby restaurant that serves some lamb dishes (leg of, chops, stew, etc…)?
Here’s hoping.

April 26 2011 10:01 am


Thanks for your nice words, Kristina. I found this blog post about a lamb restaurant:
To be honest, most Koreans don't really like lamb. But this particular restaurant can be found here.

Here's the name and address in English:

Yangttae Maeul (Village)
South Korea Gangwon-do Pyeongchang-gun
Daegwalnyeong-myeon Hoenggye-ri 314-1
+82 33-336-7023 ‎

Good luck!
Best, Matt

23 May 2011 17:53


Featured on a recent post in my blog:


31 May 2011 08:48

Kiss My Kimchi

Hey Matt,
You’re site never ceases to surprise me! I had no idea sheep farms were in Korea and that you could track down some tasty lamb! Thanks again for pointing the way toward another great road trip!



3 June 2011 00:57


Hi Matt,
Thanks for the fantastic idea. Am hoping to head out from Chuncheon to explore the sheep ranch this weekend. Any tips on other things to do in the area? Thanks for your vibrant and informative blog!

3 August 2011 12:46

The history of sheep in Korea: Is mutton really an exotic foreign food?

[…] about South Korea?  Discovering Korea has a nice write up of Daegwallyeong sheep ranch in Kangwon province (here is a video of the sheep and here).  But where did all these sheep come […]

17 July 2012 18:17

Guido Helmers

Hi Matt,

let me start thanking you for your great blog, which really helped me discovering some of the finest places in Korea. Thanks. That being said, I think this sheep ranch was one of the most disappointing day trips I’ve made in Korea.

Is the place really 200 square kilometers big? The ranch itself looked more like some 2 square kilometers. It may be bigger, but I guess it’s not accessible (or even visible) to the public. Apart from feeding the sheep in the barn, and the 1.2 km trail which makes for a nice one hour walk, there wasn’t really a lot more to enjoy.

But looking back on this day, I enjoyed it for a completely different reason: It showed me (more than almost any other place) how excellent Koreans are at making a place that really hasn’t a lot to offer, into something. To me this place did look a little bit like a theme park. The souvenir stalls at the entrance. Buying a coupon for 3000 Won, exchanging it for a bucket of grass, and lining up (even on an ordinary Tuesday) to feed some sheep. Kids lining up to use the swing for 60 seconds, so their parents can eternalize the moment with their camera. And of course, the young couples. The boy carrying his girl’s hand bag, and the girl continuously checking her make-up while the boy is taking pictures of her, standing in front of a wooden shack. A shack that was probably put there for no reason other than providing nice pictures. That is also Korean culture. I enjoyed it. Seriously.


February 06 2013 07:26 am


Hi Guido,
Thanks for your thoughtful note. Korea is funny that way... perhaps more than most places I've visited, a single photograph can really conceal how the place feels. Given how thoroughly the country was destroyed by war and occupation, (like you said) many of these destinations are making the best of what they have. Given your disappointment with the setting, I'm glad that you were able to enjoy people watching. That said, I really enjoyed the sheep ranch, more for its "Where am I?" quality. Also, the Taebaeksan mountain range is really quite beautiful. Anyway, thanks again for writing.

best, Matt

13 June 2013 13:57


Hey Matt, great stuffs you have here!
And the pictures you took definitely made this place a must-go for me! Nothing like what I’ve seen in Korea.

Been to a farm in Korea before but this definitely looks prettier!

Just wanted to check if they are opened in October for public? Saw the operating period and you didn’t mention October.



July 15 2013 02:45 am


Hi Michelle,
Last I checked, they are open 09:00-17:00 generally, and open until 18:00 May-August.

Have fun!
Best, Matt

6 January 2014 22:45


Hi Matt, please help me out here, im confused.

the address you gave for this daegwallyeong sheep farm and the one visitkorea gave is different. (

are they the same sheep farm or just different sheep farms?

January 15 2014 14:53 pm


Hi Nate,
I think there are two main sheep farms - since both are located in the Daegwallyeong area, they both use the name, which, as you noticed, is confusing! However, both the one I profiled on the blog and the link you sent is from the Yangtte farm. The different addresses is due to the fact that Korea has recently decided to change its addressing system. One of these days I need to go through all of the posts and update the addresses :P

Best, Matt

11 January 2014 18:01



I love your blog…

I am planning for a trip to KOrea. THe korean tourism page did indicate that the sheep farm provides accomodation. However, the (only korean) website was beyond my comprehension hahaha. So I was wondering if you are aware that they do provide accomodation?

THanks! Keep up the good work!

January 15 2014 14:46 pm


Hi Samantha,
Thanks for your note. Hmmm... I'm not sure, and it's been several years since I was last there, but I don't recall any on-site accommodations. Good luck!
Best, Matt

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