Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival has become perhaps South Korea’s most popular annual festival. Set in the charming town of Jinhae (진해시) on a mountainous stretch of Korea’s namhae, or southern coastline, the town is best known as home to the world’s largest number of flowering cherry trees, known in Korean as beotkkot namu (벚꽃 나무).

From Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Each spring, the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the few short weeks when an estimated 340,000 trees burst into a virtual sea of pale-pink blossoms. Fortunately, for the past 46 years, the hospitable people of Jinhae have shared their local treasure with the world as hosts of the Jinhae Gunhangjae (군항제), or Naval Port Festival.

The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival began in 1952, when a statue of Korea’s greatest naval hero, Admiral Yi Sun-shin (이순신), was erected in the city’s center. Since 1963, the festival has been held annually to honor him. These days, it’s the spectacular cherry trees that attract over 1 million visitors each year. Many claim that Jinhae’s flowering cherries are a species native to Korea. Whatever their origin, over 1,000 of them line the road from Changwon (창원) city to Jinhae, alone. But nothing can prepare you for the dramatic scene once the port city comes fully into view. Suddenly, you’ve come upon a valley blanketed in pink!

My favorite spot to visit during the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is the picturesque Yeojwa Stream (여좌천) and Promenade, which are located near the Jinhae train station. A popular place for couples and made famous by the Korean drama “Romance”, the small stream is bordered by yellow canola flowers and a 1.5-kilometer boardwalk that’s covered by a canopy of cherry blossoms. It’s simply a picture-perfect backdrop.

From Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

After enjoying the promenade, stroll over to the main stage area featuring live music and performances. As you might expect, the area around the stage will be packed with festival-goers, but to help visitors to safely navigate the crowded streets, cute and enthusiastic local students are usually on hand to direct traffic while bowing and thanking visitors for coming.

From Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Koreans also know Jinhae as the home to the country’s Naval Academy. The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival is also special because it’s the only time of year when visitors can access the campus and Naval Museum. A festival tradition also includes a full-size replica of Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s 16th-century Turtle Ships or its contemporary, a four thousand five hundred-ton destroyer. To visit either, expect long lines!

From Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

Then again, after all of this sightseeing, you might be hungry. Thankfully, what’s a festival without food? This being Korea, everything from chicken skewers and delicious donuts to whole coconuts are on offer available … if you’re partial to boiled silkworm larvae, try some  beondaegi (번데기). Not your idea of a perfect snack? Well, those in search of a full meal might order some, bibimbap (비빔밥), the healthy and delicious mix of rice and vegetables. For some local flavor, your bowl will probably feature some of Jinhae’s famous saesongi (새송이) mushrooms.

If you’re not too full (or exhausted) from your Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival experience, consider visiting Jinhae’s Yongchu (용추) Falls or a nearby Buddhist Temple..


For your information…

The festival typically occurs in late March to early AprilTicket prices TBD02-1330
Tongsin-dong, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-doFrom Seoul, high speed KTX trains leave Seoul Station for Miryang several times daily. From Miryang, the Saemaeul train goes to Jinhae. The 3-hour total journey runs 46,000 won for adults. I highly suggest you travel by train since you won’t get stuck in traffic and the location is very convenient and beautiful. Or, take a bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Masan Express Bus Terminal. The 4.5 hour ride costs between 18,200 to 27,300 won. From Masan, buses leave frequently for nearby


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25 March 2009 00:40


i really want to see Jinhae!!WOW
look at those cherry popcorns!!love it!
I should go someday…

25 March 2009 03:39

M Rahman

excellent post .thanks. Hope I’ll visit there soon :)

April 04 2009 14:57 pm

Matt Kelley

Hi Cherry,
Thank you for your compliment. I’ll keep going, so I hope you’ll keep coming back! ;)


31 March 2009 22:59

Matt Kelley

Hi Narsha and M Rahman,

I hope you can both visit Jinhae, too… The good news is that even if you don’t make it this year, it will be even more spectacular next year!


6 April 2009 22:04


Yesterday, I went to Jinhae. It’s really beautiful city. Thanks for your guiding. Hope you telling me more and more beautiful place in Korea.

7 April 2009 00:43

Matt Kelley

Hi there,

I’m so glad you had the chance to visit Jinhae! I’m wondering if you went specifically for the cherry blossom festival? This weekend the Seoul-area cherry blossom festivals are underway. I’m going to check out Yeouido’s blossoms tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for visiting the site, and I hope to hear from you again!

Best, Matt

11 April 2009 11:28

K. Sohn

Your photos of Jinhae are beautiful – reminds me of last year when we were visiting there.

Your site is very informative and fun to read your articles. Thank you very much. KS

13 April 2009 10:37

Matt Kelley

Hi K. Sohn,

Thanks for your nice comments. The blog has received a lot of traffic over the past two weeks, thanks to interest in Jinhae and the festival. I’m sad to have missed it this year!

Best, Matt

15 April 2009 14:44


Hi there,
Been following your travel updates from time to time and your posting on Jinhae brought back many good memories of my visit to Jinhae in 2007. It was my first experience of spring and the profusion of cherry blossoms in Jinhae was quite a sight. The crowds were also there, so if there are future visitors from abroad who want to check out the town during its Spring Festival, I’d recommend staying in the local 24 hour jjimjilbang if the minbaks and yeogwans are full.
Could kick myself for missing out on the view of the cherry blossoms along the railway line there. Obviously I didn’t do enough homework!
Look forward to more postings! Thanks for all the good work.

18 April 2009 00:14

Matt Kelley

Hi Selene,

Thanks for your note and great advice. It’s true, the number of Koreans who attend the popular festivals can be pretty overwhelming. Avoiding the weekends, staying in jjimjilbangs and commuting by train are just three good ways to minimize the frustration of the crowds. As you know, jjimjilbangs aren’t for everyone, but a pretty economical deal for people who don’t mind sleeping on a hard floor!

Best, Matt

18 December 2009 22:05


Hey thks for your info. I plan to visit korea next year. Hope u can guide me when the cherry blossom will bloom. Thks for sharing the info.

December 24 2009 18:50 pm

Matt Kelley

Hi Vida,
Thanks for your note. The peak cherry blossom time depends a bit on where in Korea you plan to go, and of course there's seasonal variation depending on weather... but your best bet is that the first two weeks of April will be peak time in downtown Seoul, while the country's most famous cherry tree festival in the south coast city of Jinhae will probably peak a week earlier. I hope you can see them! They're amazing!

Best, Matt

10 January 2010 00:06


your pictures are so we’re planning to go to jinhae this next festival and would just like to ask if you have any good cheap hostels or motels you can recommend where we can stay while we are there at jinhae.. i’ve checked the jinhae website where they have hotel listing but the hotels doesn’t have online sites where i can check like rooms and rates.. i don’t know how to speak korean so the phone nos. listed there are of no use for me. thanks in advance for your reply.

19 January 2010 12:30


hi Matt, same here as Lyn. me and my wife are planning to go Jinhae this 2010 festival. can you please recommend a cheap hotel to stay during the cherry blossoms and when is the best time to go there? thank you very much in advance for the reply =)

21 January 2010 06:29


Hello Mr Kelley,

I’ve enjoyed your webpage & the information & photos you shared with us made me more convinced to see & travel to Korea as soon as I can! I love the kdrama Romance where I first heard & saw the beautiful array of cherry blossoms & from watching that drama the place Jinhae stuck in my mind. Cld you pls let me know if there are some reasonable hanbok places around Jinhae so my sister & myself who’s planning to go there this April/May would have a clue where to stay or perhaps we can just go there for a day or two? Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

26 January 2010 22:32



I’m planning to go korea in spring to view the cherry blossoms. Do you know when is the best time I could view the peak season of cherry blssoms? I wonder when is it at peak in Jeju Island. I may be going to korea either from March 26 – April 2 OR Apr 16 – Apr 23. Which area has most best view since I’ll be going to Jeju Island & Seoul as well. Besides I am so into K-dramas and love to visit the shooting scene of All In & IRIS.

28 January 2010 11:55


I am planning to go Korea this year 2010 to see cherry blossom. Can someone here help me with the period as to when is the best time for me to go korea this year so that i wont miss the cherry blossom.

I am planning to go seoul and jeju, so when is the best time to go? Is the cherry blossom everywhere as like in Jinhae as mentioned?

22 February 2010 15:01



When is this year Jinhae Gunhang Festival ?

March 05 2010 07:56 am

Matt Kelley

Hello Janice, Denie and Corrina!

Sorry for my late response... I was hoping that if I waited a bit the dates would be released, but they have not been announced yet. It looks like they're still trying to time the Jinahe Festival. Your best bet is first week of April, as the Hwagae Cherry Blossom Festival (also in South Gyeongsang Province) is hosting their festivities April 2-4.

For Corrina, the Jeju King Festival is a bit earlier (March 26-28) and the Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival (in Seoul) is later (April 7-11). Gyeongju is also well-known for its cherry blossoms.

And to Denie, what a wonderful gift for your wife : )

I'll do a post shortly specifically about spring flower festivals. Until then, please stay tuned for updates!

Best, Matt

2 March 2010 20:10

Denie Jo

Hi Matt,

Same with other question, When the best time to visit Jinhae?

My wife really want to see cherry blossom in Korea. 2 year ago, we have been visited Seoul at the end of March, but its over. We miss it.

Now, I want to make my wife dream come true, could you recommend more detail the period of cherry blossom season like in Jinhae or anywhere in Korea with cherry blossom view.

We know its depend on weather, we really need your assistance, could you send us information regarding cherry blossom festival in Korea.

when you see the cherry blossom starting, please let us know, We will apply Korea visa, booking ticket and go to Korea..

Many thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Denie Jo

12 March 2010 14:07


Hi there :)
I and my mom are planing to visit Jinhae from Busan. Could you please recommend the best way to go there. And since we have only half a day, what would be the best spot to see cherry blossoms?

Thank you so much.

13 March 2010 08:32

Spring Flower Festivals | Discovering Korea

[…] harbor and cherry trees! Don’t miss the “Romance Walk” near Jinhae Station. Read a prior post about the festival here. Note: Please note that the dates were recently changed! (more info: call +82-61-1330 or visit […]

23 March 2010 00:08


Hi Matt,

It’s me again.., Denie Jo from Indonesia.
After read from Discovering Korea Spring 2010 Flower Festival website that the Jinhae Naval Port festival around April 1 – 11, I’ve booked tickets to South Korea from March 30 – April 4, 2010.

Our planning just to visit Jeju & Jinhae, I don’t have much time, so I really need your favor to make sure the Jinhae’s world famous flowering cherrry blossom exactly date and guidance to getting there (Seoul-Jeju-Jinhae, by flight). If you don’t mind could you please reply directly to my email address.

Thank you so much, looking forward your reply.

March 24 2010 14:41 pm


Hi Denie Jo,
It's nice to hear from you again! You can fly from Seoul-Incheon or Seoul-Gimpo to Jeju International Airport. After you are done exploring Jeju, you can fly from Jeju to Gimhae, which is near Busan (or take a ferry, but it's about 11 hours). From Gimhae you can take an express bus to Jinhae. When it's time to go back to Seoul, you can either fly back from Gimhae to Seoul-Gimpo, or take the express train from Busan... lots of options! :)

5 April 2010 04:06

Haeundae Sunday « Micka Micka Micka

[…] Easter Sunday and chose to spend it mostly alone. I spent all day yesterday scrambling around the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival and hiking up a considerably mammoth mountain. It was fun and the view was spectacular, but […]

5 April 2010 19:38


hello sir matt. i’m sad, you didn’t reply to my inquiry but replied to others. i’ve waited till our departure for s. korea.. anyway, me and my group managed to visit jinhae. thanks to the help of some friends.

thanks anyway.

April 05 2010 22:07 pm


Hello Lyn,

I'm really sorry I missed your question. I'm glad your group managed to reach Jinhae... although I hear the flowers are quite late this year. Anyhow, my apologies once again. Best, Matt

6 April 2010 00:35


Dear Matt,

Yesterday April 4, 2010, we just come back from Seoul & Jeju. Our tour plan on 1st day, visited Jeju island and we’re lucky can see cherry blossom bloom in Hallim park (The tropical botanical garden with 16 sectors of garden). .

On the next day we should go to Jinhae through Busan, but at Jeju airport my wife felt that the cherry blossom in Jinhae still not bloom. Finally we change our flight, move to Seoul for visit Yeouido area, but the cherry blossom in Yeouido also not begin to bloom.

The next day, I try to call information +82-2-1330 asking about Jinhae naval port Festival, but I don’t understand, they answer in Korea language.
I asked hotel front desk to called that number again and translated to me in english. They said the cherry blossom festival programs in Jinhae are cancelled due to Army activity.

This is the second time we fail to see cherry blossom festival in Korea, in the last 2 year we came late ( end of April), and now we came earlier (first week of April). We really sad, wasting 7 hours flight and money.

Before we flight back, I asked our hotel front desk, if the cherry blossom tree in front of Novotel Ambassador Gangnam begin bloom, please inform me by send SMS.

I hope she will do it and inform to me…

6 April 2010 00:56


Hi Lyn,

If I have information from hotel front desk staff in Seoul when the cherry blossom begin bloom, I will inform to you by this website.

But remember, this year no cherry blossom festival in Jinhae, but you can see the cherry blossom without festival or you also can see the biggest cherry blossom area in Yeouido, Seoul.

If you really want to see cherry blossom in Korea, you’d better apply visa first and if the cherry begin bloom you get ready to go.

For cheaper hotel, its depend on your budget.
Just info, we really satisfied to be a member of Accor hotel groups.. its very cheap.. we can get 4-5 star accor hotel group around the world starting from USD 60/ night.

Yesterday we stayed at Novotel ambassador gangnam in Seoul with complimentary voucher ( +/ USD 80/night).

If we get information when the cherry blossom begin bloom, We’ve plan to go back to Seoul on next week. Hopefully our dream come true..


April 07 2010 08:20 am


Hi Denie,

Thanks a lot for your information and for helping Lyn. This year's spring was delayed by a strange bit of cold weather so the cherry blossoms are quite late... although I noticed that the yellow gaenari flowers (forsythia) are starting to bloom now, which means the cherries here in Seoul should start very soon. I really hope you and your wife will be able to see the flowers at Yeouido. I'll be there today on my way to work and will check to see if the trees look ready to bloom. Thanks again for your help and sorry for your inconvenience!

Best, Matt

6 April 2010 18:48


hello sir matt. that’s ok. apology accepted. thanks for the reply. we managed to go there mar 31 and stayed overnight till morning of apr 1 however, there were only few cherry blossoms in bloom. we can’t stay long coz we’re to return back to manila from seoul on last apr 3. anyway, enjoyed a few sites. went to the stream and went around the tent areas.

hello denie. thanks for the infos. we we’re there at jinhae last mar 31 to apr 1 and yup. we heard that the jinhae naval port festival was cancelled due to what happened with one of their ships but we still roamed around. saw some flowers in bloom as well as tents for the festival. we even saw buses with japanese tourists.. we were even photographed by a kbs crew when we were there. they probably wanted to show that there are still tourists in the area even if the army fest was cancelled. we also manage to book a 3 star hotel just 5-10mins walk from the train station with the help of my friend’s relative living in pohang. yey! but yes. it would have been better if the flowers were in full bloom then.

April 08 2010 15:13 pm


Hi Denie and Lyn,

I was on Yeouido today and it looks like the cherry trees are starting to bloom! I think this weekend they will be quite beautiful, which will be a nice way to start the Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival.

I hope you get to check them out. Best, Matt

9 April 2010 09:31



Just wanna share our Cherry Blossom experience in Jinhae last April 5. Im back home here in Manila yesterday from my 3rd trip in Korea. My first and 2nd trip back in 2008 and 2009 was during Autumn season, and this year is my first time for a Spring season. We went to check out Yeouido area but no luck to see cherry blossoms yet just little buds that is about to bloom by this weekend. So we knew then that we should visit Jinhae the next day to complete our Spring trip. Luckily we were able to buy train tickets from Seoul to Jinhae from a Tour group for 55,000 won RT as earlier we were told that festival tickets should be reserved and bought 3 days ahead. We arrived at Jinhae about 5 hours later. We joined the tour bus for an hour road trip to naval base and harbor view…Cherry Blossoms is all over the place. It was so lovely. We had a free time to explore the place by ourselves…went to Romance Bridge for more photos with the blooming flowers along the bridge. That we have lost track of our time going back to train station…. we were 5 minutes late and missed our train back for Seoul. No choice but to buy another train ticket for 46,000 won Jinhae-Miryang-Seoul one way. But it was over all awesome cherry blossoms that was worth seeing, worth our time and money spent. =)

6 May 2010 14:55


Wah! The goosebumps all over my neck while seeing the picture. So beautiful view! Thanks for sharing it.
Looking forward to seeing it myself.
Keep posting beautiful scenes of Korea, Matt!

May 20 2010 15:27 pm


Hi Anna,

It's my pleasure, and thanks for writing. Hope you can see Jinhae for yourself sometime soon!
Best, Matt

14 June 2010 14:53


Hello Matt,
We will be in Seoul on the 21st of June. Will there still be cherry blossom anywhere? I’d love to check it out. Thanks.

June 15 2010 08:05 am


Hi Ry,

Thanks for your note. Nope, the cherry blossoms are definitely all done. That said, there are lots of flowers in bloom all over the city in late June if you're open to non-cherry blossoms!
Best, Matt

4 August 2010 15:47

Laura Chan

Hi Matt,

My friends and I are planning to visit South Korea for
8 days for the Cherry Blossom next year 2011. Since,
at the moment, AirAsia is having some promotional
fare to Seoul, we thought of asking you if you have any
idea when is the best time in April, next year to do our tour.

Looking forward to hear from you soonest.

Thank you very munch.
Kuala Lumpur
2010 Aug 04

6 August 2010 20:40


Hi Matt,

Your article on Jinhae’s cherry blossoms really got me excited and I can’t wait for my next year’s trip to South Korea. I’m now in the middle of planning my trip and just wondering whether it is possible to make a day trip to Jinhae from Seoul. Will one day trip be sufficient for me to explore the cherry blossoms ?


6 August 2010 22:52

Quinnie Chow

Dear Matt,

I’m going to Seoul in Apr/May 2011. Still on time to see the cherry blossom?

15 August 2010 13:50

Discovering Korea « jiheeya

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12 September 2010 21:29

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14 December 2010 11:07


anyoung.:) I’ll be going there at korea for some research convention. I just want to know why february is expensive when it comes to hotel? I”ll be very happy to hear it from you. kindly please email me. thank you so much

1 February 2011 22:02


It’s my first time to visit here.
Your pictures are very beautiful!
I’m Korean and I live in Busan.
I moved from Jinhae to Busan 1 year ago.
I still miss Jinhae’s Cherry blossoms.
I saw ‘Romance walk’ many times.
My middle school is close to ‘Romance walk’.
I happy to see that!
I hope to many foreigner visit there.
I can’t speak English very well..
Anyway, Thanks for This post :)

February 02 2011 08:26 am


Hi Park,
Thanks a lot for your note. Busan is also a lovely city, and not too far from Jinhae! I hope you can return to visit Jinhae this spring. I think a lot of foreign visitors will be there, too!

Best, Matt

6 February 2011 15:49


Hi! I’m planning to visit korea 3rd week of Apr, would you know when will be the festival this year? Hope we can still see the cherry blossom… :)

February 26 2011 14:19 pm


Hi Grace,
This year's festival is set for April 1~10, 2011 so I think you'll miss it :( Seoul's Yeouido Spring Flowers Festival is scheduled for 4/13~4/17. Keep in mind that these dates can change depending on the weather. Good luck!
Best, Matt

13 February 2011 22:30


Hi, Matt

Do you think a day trip will be enough for the Jinhae cherry blossoms festival? Or you will suggest I stay overnight? Also if I take the high speed train from Seoul, should I get off at Busan or Miryang? Many thanks!

February 26 2011 14:13 pm


Hi Angus,
A day trip to Jinhae is doable, but keep in mind that your fastest route between Seoul and Jinhae (via rail) will still run 3.5 hours, if your transfer works out, etc., so that could be a long day...

To your specific question, definitely get off at Miryang as there's no direct train from Busan. Good luck!
Best, Matt

21 February 2011 06:58


Hi Matt,
Your photos of the Cherry Blossoms make me want to add Jinhae to our itinerary to our visit in April, 2011. Will probably base in Seoul however, where do you recommend staying overnight in/close to Jinhae for family of 4(one is in 80s) Appreciate your assistance – Jinhae, Busan or ???
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

February 26 2011 13:53 pm


Hi Gail,
Jinhae is fantastic... although it's extremely crowded during the festival.

I'm not familiar with Jinhae's lodging facilities, but it might be most convenient to check out Busan (a very fun port city that feels a lot different than Seoul) and then take the train to Busan via Miryang as the roads to Jinhae will be backed up for hours, I suspect. It looks like the fastest train from Busan to Jinhae via Miryang will take about 40 minutes with a transfer and another hour from Miryang to Jinhae.

If you'd prefer to go directly from Seoul, the bullet train (KTX) from Seoul to Miryang takes about 2.5 hours, again with the 40 mins. from Miryang to Jinhae departing 4x daily. You'll want to purchase the tickets as soon as possible given the festival's popularity. Here's an English language page for more info:

Good Luck!

24 February 2011 09:31


Hi Matt

Planning a family of six to Seoul in mid-April. Can u recommend a driver and a local English-speaking guide to bring us around. Thanks!

February 26 2011 13:40 pm


Hi Celeste,
Thanks for your note, but off-hand, I don't know of any drivers/guides. I had a bad recent experience with one of the major tour companies. If you want to know their name (to avoid them), please email me: Otherwise, I'd suggest contacting the Seoul Tourism Organization Good Luck!

Best, Matt

24 March 2011 06:34


Hi Matt
I’m french and I would like go on a trip on October at Jinhae
I need your help to plan my trip.
It the first time that I will go so far away to France
Does it easy for a foreigner to find a place to sleep?
I speak a little english and no korean.

6 April 2011 10:56

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7 April 2011 16:44


hi matt! I’m going to korea in November 1st week, would you know if the leaves by that time is still red? coz i know autumn in korea starts by september.. thanks!

10 April 2011 01:11

This post was supposed to include Cherry Blossoms…. « Hang on to your Chopsticks

[…] is the weekend Cherry Blossoms are blooming all over Korea.  A bunch of us from work had planned to go to Jinhae this weekend to […]

13 April 2011 09:21


Hey Matt. I missed the Festival last weekend, but I’m thinking about going down this weekend to see the trees anyway. It seems this year, like last year, the blooms are a little later than usual.

Do you think they are still in bloom?

April 14 2011 09:44 am


Hi Chase,

You mean to Jinhae? I suspect they'll be mostly finished for the year. But... this weekend should be perfect for the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, if you're up for the trek to Seoul!

Best, Matt

20 July 2011 23:28

Rick Doughman

I had the privileged and honor to be stationed in the beautiful & Clean city full of kind, helpful and wonderful people back in the 80’s when i was a young man. Stationed at the US Compound on the base.
I have many pictures on my Facebook and would love to return. The Cherry blossoms are so very beautiful. If anyone recognizes the shops or people I have in my pictures please do.
Thank you Chin Hae (Jin Hae) for being part of the weave of my memories and soul.

July 23 2011 22:20 pm


Thanks for your note, Rick! What a privilege to have visited Jinhae a couple of decades back. As with everywhere in Korea, I bet it was quite a different place!
Best, Matt

6 September 2011 21:25


Hi Matt! Lucille here. I really want to visit korea and experience cherry blossoms. Can you possibly tell me what month is the festival? thanks thanks! Take care!

September 13 2011 09:05 am


Hi Lucille,
The festival is typically in late March or early April, the exact dates of which aren't pegged until just a couple of weeks prior, due to weather!


30 January 2012 11:12


Hi, we’re planning to go on the second week of May this year. By any chance, you think we’d still be able to see some of these?? We’re really hoping to see the cherry blossoms and canola flowers in Jeju :(

19 March 2012 19:40


Hi Matt,

I’ll be in Seoul at the end of April. Any chance there will still be cherry blossoms in the city at that time? Even “falling” ones? :)

March 26 2012 11:22 am


Hi Zelly,
Sadly, they'll probably be gone by then. The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival is currently set for April 13~17, which means the stragglers will probably fall around the 20th. I hope you can make it!

Best, Matt

21 March 2012 23:50


Hi Matt. This is Nathaniel My wife & I are going to visit Seoul this coming Mar. 31 – Apr. 6, 2012. We are somehow undecided as to which place to visit in South Korea alongside our Seoul trippin’. And I have a few inquiries if you could answer them:

1. Which is better? Jeju Island or Jinhae?

2. Should we opt for Jeju, do you think that 4 days at Seoul would be enough? We wouldn’t be visiting temples, palaces, & museums. What I desire is more of cityscapes, landscapes, nature scenes for photography purposes. Julez, my wife, desires amusement parks, Parks & shopping.

3. Again, should we opt for Jeju, is it advisable to go there earlier (Mar. 31 to Apr. 2) to reach the full bloom Cherry Blossom scenery or at a later time?

4. Again, should we decide for Jeju, Is it allowed for a foreigner (with a driver’s license from the country of origin) to rent a car & go around Jeju on our own? We want to control our time. If it’s permitted, how much would it approximately cost to rent a car?

Sorry for the multiple questions. But your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you & God Bless you.


March 26 2012 11:21 am


Hi Nats,

Thanks for your questions. Here goes...

1. There's definitely more to do in Jeju.

2. I think you could cover a lot of ground in 4 days in Seoul.

3. It looks like Jeju's Cherry Blossom Festival is set for April 6~8 this year with the Canola Flower Festival a couple of weeks later
from April 20~29.

4. I don't think you should have any trouble renting a car, but it may depend on your nationality. A quick Internet search should let you know. Either way, just make sure you have your driver's license, and an international license is always a good idea. In terms of price, rental rates in Korea are quite reasonable, at least when I compare them to what it costs back in the U.S. A compact model will run you less than 100,000 won per day.

Have fun!
Best, Matt

24 March 2012 04:03


Hello Matt,

I have a sudden decision to visit Korea next week and everything is in rush. After read your entry i decided to go down to Jinhae for the cherry blossom festival. Thank you so much so the handy info, it helps a lot. I have a question, i cant find the train info between Jinhae and Miryang as stated on your blog, maybe i know should i purchase the ticket in advance? IF yes how? How about the train ticket from Busan to Miryang? I have the website to book the ticket from Seoul to Busan, hope you could help. Thanks

March 26 2012 11:09 am


Hi Louise,

Good luck on your impromptu journey. After a quick look, it appears that there are at least 4 trains daily between Jinhae and Miryang. There are many more trains between Busan and Miryang. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if you can pre-book your tickets. If you're not registered with Korail (Korean National Railroad), you can purchase tickets at major Korail stations by waiting in the queue to speak with a representative, or by using one of the automated kiosks, which can be used in English.

Sorry I can't be of more help!

Best, Matt

26 March 2012 11:57

Nancy S.

Beautiful photos and narrative. I have seen cherry blossoms only in Washington, DC. How I would love to visit Korea and see them there. I would also like to visit Jeju Island.

8 November 2012 17:36


Hi Matt,
I happened to see your blog. I enjoy reading your blog, really nice and lots of info. I went to Masan last Sept ’12 but I don’t know about Jinhae. I really want to see the cherry blossom like the one in your picture. Usually how long does the cherry blooming? Is it only for 2 weeks or it last for 1 month?

November 12 2012 18:35 pm


Hi Rika,

Masan? You were so close! I'd say the blossoms only last for 2 weeks tops! Before you know it, they're gone and you have to wait for next year!

22 November 2012 16:26


I am an avid fan of Korean drama and movies alike. I love all their scenes specially when it depicts their natural habitat and the natural resources surrounding their place. I am also trying to learn a word or two whenever I watched their flicks.

Cherry blossoms is one of the many facets of Korea that I love. I really wished with all my heart that someday I can visit their place. Thanks to the Korean fever! :)

Thanks for sharing all these.. appreciate it much! Keep it up, more power and God bless!

2 March 2013 17:23


I want to visit Jinhae in April, can you advise which hotel in Jinhae can be booked online? I want to stay two days there.


March 07 2013 03:20 am


Hi Moon,
Thanks for your note. I don't know much about Jinhae hotels, but nearby Changwon (창원) has a few. The Benikea Hotel Savoy is described as a "tourist hotel." There's a good chance, however, that the receptionist won't speak English. If so, you should try to book through the tourism call center: +82 55-1330. Another option that should have English-speaking staff is the Hotel Pullman (also in Changwon). It's run by the huge French chain, Accor. It's a bit pricey, though.

For anyone else looking for hotels near Jinhae, go to this Korea Tourism Organization page and scroll to the bottom. Click on any of the hotel names that are located in "Changwon-si."

Good luck!
Best, Matt

5 March 2013 21:35


I would like to see the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival the first weekend in April. I will be coming from DongIncheon. What is the best way to get there from here?

Thanks for your assistance. I enjoy reading your informative posts.

March 07 2013 03:32 am


Hi Christine,
I think your best bet is to take Seoul Metro Line 1 from Dong Incheon Station to Seoul Station. That will take about 1 hour. At Seoul Station, go upstairs into the main train area. You'll want to buy a ticket from Seoul to Masan. Trains leave every 2-3 hours and the trip will take about 3 hours on the KTX. From Masan, you'll want to take the 30-minute train to Jinhae. Please note, however, that tickets are quickly running out! Good luck!

Best, Matt

9 March 2013 08:21

Hussein Bahsoun

Hi Matt,

I love your blog and all the passion for your beautiful country.

I live in Australia and I have been to Korea mostly for the cuisine and the Art scene.

I am planning to return in September 2013 for similar and exciting purposes.

I would great to keep if we could stay in touch.

I love your dog.

I have two beautiful whippets.

Bye now,


May 03 2013 06:28 am


Hi Hussein,

Thanks for the nice note from a fellow dog-lover! I hope you have a great time on your next trip to Korea.


5 May 2013 16:14

Shiedah Abu Bakar

Hi Matt!
Love and happy read your awesome blog. I hope i can visit again Korea for autumn season. :)

July 15 2013 03:08 am


Thank you Shiedah!

6 May 2013 17:49


Hi Matt,

I like your blog is very informative ones. I’ll be arriving in Seoul by this end of May. I’m quite sure that i’ve already missed the cherry blossom which i could only hope that the flowers are still blooming..:-) I need to ask you on the fastest way for me to reach Inc Airport as I’m staying in itaewon & i need to catch my flight back home by 11 a.m ..what is the best mode of transportation ..i.e by bus , by taxi ..

July 15 2013 03:07 am


Hi Lyn,
The express buses, which leave from many, many locations all over Seoul (including Itaewon), is your best bet. If you're staying at a hotel, ask them where the bus picks up. Just make sure you are on the correct side of the street, and ask the bus driver if he is going to Incheon.
Best, Matt

6 September 2013 19:44

Kathleen Yong

Hi Matt

I am planning to go to Korea from 14 Apr to 20 Apr 2014
From 15 to 17 Apr will be at Jeju Island.

My question is if I would like to visit Jinhae from 17 Apr to
18 Apr, can we still see the Cherry Blossom? Which hotel is nearer to the place where we can enjoy the Cherry Blossom in Jinhae?

This will be my 5th time to Korea with friends, would like to
explore different areas!

October 01 2013 06:23 am


Hi Kathleen,

I'm afraid you'll probably be in Korea too late to see the cherry blossoms, as they usually peak in Seoul during the first week of April after appearing on the south coast (and Jeju) a week or so earlier. That said, after the cherry blossoms fade, spring really comes into its own in Korea so I hope you can see a lot of other beautiful flowers!
Best, Matt

10 November 2013 17:18


wow! I am absolutely in love with your blog! its so informative. I plan on visiting spring of 2015 so hopefully I can see this!!! thanks a bunch and keep up the good work!

February 20 2015 02:20 am


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28 February 2014 12:33


Dear Matt,
Im hoping to go to Busan on 17th April. Will there be a cherry blossom in Jinghe? i dont mind if i miss to see the festival. but i prefer to take some photographs with the full blossom tree and pale pink petals covered roads…..

March 03 2014 13:40 pm


Hi TS,
Hmmm... you might be a little late, as Jinahe (which is close to Busan) is tentatively setting their cherry blossom fest dates as April 1-10. Then again, you never know... there could be a freak late Winter freeze that puts all the dates on hold. Here's my calendar:
Good luck!

Best, Matt

23 March 2014 23:34


Hi Matt, I’m planning to go Jinhae in the 8th April from Jeju. would you advise me to take flight from Jeju to Busan Airport and take bus/train to Jinhae or do you think I should fly to Seoul and take the speed train to Jinhae (which I believe is of a longer route hence longer traveling time?)

Also, where would you recommend as accommodation there so it would be a breeze in visiting Jinhae?

Many thanks for your response in advance! :)

March 31 2014 14:05 pm


Hi Linda,
Sorry for the late response. Make sure you double-check, but I think a bus from Busan to Jinhae (or Masan) might be quicker. I fear that the bullet trains from Seoul might be sold out. RE: accommodation, I don't have any options in mind, but you can also search for hotels in Changwon (nearby), or it may even make sense to just do a day trip out and back from Busan?
Best, Matt

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