Seoul Design Olympiad 2008

From now until October 30th, the Jamsil Olympic Stadium is playing host to the Seoul Design Olympiad 2008. Here’s the intro blurb provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government:

A view into a large expansive room with columns brightly lit in pink light.

Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 (SDO) is an international design festival held by Seoul City aimed at showing the important role design plays in improving the quality of people’s lives.

A picture of a video screen showing a map and artist impression of the design plaza and park for the Seoul Design Olympiad

The Seoul Design Olympiad will also serve to highlight Seoul’s recent designation as a World Design Capital (WDC 2010), showcasing the way Seoul uses design to make its society better.

A man wearing a pink striped shirt and jeans reclines in a pink chair with colorful plastic boxes and fake flowers behind. The background is a concrete brick surface.

A friend and I checked the Seoul Design Olympiad out last week and enjoyed ourselves. The huge stadium was an awkward venue, with the main exhibits on the central field among the least interesting.

If you go, be sure to visit the exhibits located within the stadium. Highlights include a well-done presentation highlighting Seoul’s attempts to become more design friendly and a user-directed virtual tour of the city.

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